Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make Money

affiliate marketing ideas

One of the best ways to make money online is through affiliate marketing. Many people are already in this business but not everybody is making it big. You know why? Having the desire alone is not enough because if your strategies are not worth it, you may never be a successful affiliate marketer.

Apart from employing the best strategies, you have to bear in mind that if your readers trust you, they will be confident in whichever product you are promoting. This trust will also them to listen to your recommendations on useful and qualitative products for their consideration.

In this blog post, I have mapped out certain ideas that will help you to make good money as an affiliate marketer. Although I am not promising overnight miracles, you will go far with these long-term affiliate marketing ideas

Take your time to go through this blog post and use these affiliate marketing ideas.

Build a Blog that makes you Money

tumblr nu7p5ivXQk1ueitb5o1 500 - Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make MoneyThis is a necessary factor that you should consider if you want to enjoy a steady income from online affiliate marketing. An affiliate marketer must have his or her own personal blog or platform where you can post information or advertise the products of your choice.

If you already have an existing blog, all you will need is to start earning extra income through affiliate marketing.

Make sure that you always provide your readers with important information that will ensure their trust.

Then you can proceed to post constant weekly articles like dog training, weight loss or how to build your muscles etc.

These articles are interesting and instructional and will surely captivate your readers to come to your blog for more updates.

For instance, the Enlightenment Gateway is a website that the legendary Mark Ling created from the affiliate marketing ideas taught in AffiloBlueprint that bring him thousands of dollars yearly.

Focus on Email Marketing, not Banners

When you using the emailing marketing idea, it will help you to get in contact with other affiliate marketers that have the same goal as you.

You can also request for their help in promoting your product or agree on a cross-promotion strategy that will be beneficial to both parties.Email Marketing from Tree Frog International - Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make Money

Email marketing will help you to provide subscription options for those that visit the web. It will also enable you to get hold of the names and email addresses of the site visitors.

You can use this opportunity to build a lasting relationship and advertise your product or newsletter.

The lectures of AffiloBlueprint also agrees that it is better to use email marketing for an effective and successful affiliate marketing rather than using banner advertisement.

It is a well-known fact that the people that click on banner advertisements are cold traffic which is unlikely to convert.

Therefore, if you want to make money online through affiliate marketing, remember not to use banner advertisement but use email marketing to give your readers the reason to join.

For example, you can offer free e-book that is filled with important information relevant to product recommendation through emails. This is another way to get traffic and increase your conversion rate.

Bring in Traffic Organically with Google

This is another strategy to apply if you want to hit it big in affiliate marketing. Bringing in traffic through search engines like Google will ensure that your affiliate marketing efforts will yield positive results.

yeni nesil seo - Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make MoneyYou can generate organic traffic by posting new and current contents frequently on Google. Also, maximize your posts with a keyword that is well-searched like 100+ in Google keyword planner.

Always placing your selected keyword once in a title tag and another in a description tag. This is one effective affiliate making strategy that will give you a name online.

Again, writing a pay – per-click advertisement is another lucrative way to make money from affiliate marketing.  You should carefully present your advert in such a way that will ensure success.

For instance, present a particular problem that has been a challenge to consumers and provide a remedy that will help to combat it.

Also, bring in mouthwatering incentives that will motivate consumers to constantly click through your links.

Always go for Quality over Quantity

 It does not mean that if you are an owner of a vast network, you are certain to make money. However, if you locate the accurate affiliates that will help you to direct maximum results to your platform, you are assured of success.

quality over quantity - Affiliate Marketing Ideas That Make MoneyIt doesn’t matter if the affiliates you have are big or small sites, the important thing is that you build and maintain a solid relationship with them.


If you have read through this article, you will agree that with the above-listed affiliate marketing ideas, you are sure of making money online.

You should, first of all, build your own blog or personal platform and post interesting information on it. Then you make sure that your adverts are done through email for effectiveness and proceed to drive in traffic organically through Google.

For more confirmation, feel free to read our review on AffiloBlueprint. There, you will get more ideas that will make you an affiliate marketing millionaire.