Start Instagram Business


Start Instagram Business and Making money on Instagram all started for me back when I was still using the app for recreational purposes. At the time, I was following an Instagram page related to super cars that posted photos of Ferrari’s and Corvettes.

One day, I noticed that the page I was following was doing sponsored posts. It was advertising t-shirts, luxury car accessories and even high end wallets. At first I figured that the page was advertising its own products. But as time went on, I realized that the luxury car Instagram page was simply promoting products for companies. Even BMW was using this page to promote its new clothing line.

Out of curiosity I began to do my research, wondering how much these Instagram users were getting paid to post. I contacted several pages, asking if they’d spare me a minute to answer some questions over Skype.

b165a1fa ecbe 4cc7 877c e8b25085299a 560 420 - Start Instagram BusinessEventually, I found a guy named Pat, who agreed to Skype me for ten minutes or so. He explained to me that he made $100 every time someone purchased a sponsored post on his page, which at the time had 600k followers.

I then asked him how much time he spent running his Instagram page. The answer? Only 20 minutes each day.

For the time commitment that was a fantastic return! And what was even better was that people with over a million followers, were making $500 plus per post.

After that Skype call, I instantly jumped into the Instagram game, learning everything I possibly could about the platform. It’s now my main and greatest source of income, making me over six figures each year.

The best part being that you can run an Instagram page from anywhere. In a coffee shop, in a hotel, and it only takes minutes of your time to post. You don’t need to be a master at creating content, or even be an entertaining character. All you need to do is find quality pictures that you can repost.