How to Build Multi Instagram Page Bussiness Strategies


Once one of your Instagram pages begins gaining traction, you can use your following to jump start another Instagram page. I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say you have a puppy page with 100k followers. You’ve been building this page up for the last 6 months, and have decided that you’re ready to start another Instagram page. Try to keep your second Instagram page in the same niche, but make it somewhat different. If you have a puppy page where you post pictures, create a second Instagram account where you post short video clips.

This way, you can give yourself shoutouts. Eventually, once your second Instagram page has been jumpstarted, you won’t even need to give it shoutouts anymore, as it will start to grow naturally. I’ve seen an Instagram page with 500k followers grow a second Instagram page to 200k followers in less than 6 months!

You can literally use this method as a domino effect, and create an absolute empire on Instagram.

Shutout for Shutout

11205880 956712574360684 471996438 n - How to Build Multi Instagram Page Bussiness StrategiesA great way to grow your Instagram following is to find accounts that have a similar number of followers as yourself. Message them, email them, and network with them. There are many Internet marketing forums such as black-hat world where you can find hundreds of Instagram users like yourself.

Building a community and a team of people on Instagram is also a fantastic way to build momentum when growing on Instagram. You’ll learn twice as fast, and will make fewer mistakes when it comes to building a large following, and maximizing your profits.

You can find “Instagramers” on Facebook in Facebook groups, forums, youtube, and more. Search around, collect Skype names, and talk Instagram strategy. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn. Set a monthly or weekly skype meeting time, so that you get into the habit of meeting with your team, and growing your team.

From personal experience, I’ve gained a lot of internet marketing knowledge from simple skype meetings. Business ideas are generated, and everyone in the group benefits immensely. The fastest way to learn, is always by talking to someone directly. Skype enables this.