Choosing Social Usernames


Once you’ve done your research and have a niche in mind, (something you’re interested in), it’s time to choose a social username . Usernames need to be simple, memorable, and straight to the point. The better your username, the more of an advantage you will have on Social Media.Here’s some basic guidelines:

Do not use numbers in your  social usernames

Using numbers in your username will only confuse people and will hurt your ranking on Instagram’s search. If you start a page called “puppyphotos31” that posts puppy memes, what’s to stop someone else from making a page called: “puppyphotos32.” It will simply leave everyone very confused. The only exception is if the numbers are directly related to your niche, such as “420humor.”

Use your niche’s keyword first.

facebook username - Choosing Social UsernamesTrucksdaily will always be a more effective username than dailytruckposts. When looking for a username, you want to make sure that your main keyword is first, as that is what people will be searching for.

Underscores are ok if you are separating words.

I actually own an Instagram page with an underscore that gained followers extremely quickly. At first I was skeptical about using an underscore, but it actually proved to be more effective because I could isolate my keyword. Something like trucks_daily is a really good username. Another tip is to try to only use two words when using underscores. Truck_postsdaily isn’t a username that you would want.

Don’t make your username too long.

This one isn’t a huge deal but if you can, try to pick a username that is short and to the point.There’s no need to stress out about finding the perfect username. You can always change it later on down the road by simply going into your account settings. Also, if you’re getting stuck trying to find an available username, try looking at the account names of some of the larger accounts in different niches. This will help you generate some ideas for your specific niche. Here’s some examples to get you started:

trucks_daily, truck_domination, trucklover, foodporn, fitness_mentor, yogapostsdaily, cooking_clips

You get the idea. Just try and make sure that the word people will be searching for, is first.