You have to know that according to most of the disputes are the result of misunderstanding alone. They can be avoided by clarifying all the details before you are accepting the project. This should include milestone payments, escrow, deadlines and pricing. Ensure you are also given clear instructions, otherwise you will have to guess what the employer is looking for, and you can end up submitting a dispute, if it does not meet the requirements.

       Freelancer is treating their users as adults, so the majority of disputes are starting with a request of clarification from both parties. Most of the disputes are settled without the site’s intervention or arbitration. If it cannot be resolved between the employer and freelancer, an arbitration fee should be paid by both parties to get the issue resolved.


      There is a fairly new dispute system in place, and it is helping website users to resolve problems and disputes fast.

  • The first stage is submitting your dispute. You need to select the project, give the support desk a clear description of what happened, and send in any supporting documentation. You will also have to state what is the amount of payment you are disputing.
  • Next you will be asked to give more details and try to resolve the problem with the employer. If this is not bringing you results, either party can request arbitration.
  • After the arbitration has been started, the other party will be asked to pay an arbitration fee and submit evidence. If there is no answer from the employer, the site is going to rule in your favor.
  • The team will review the case and will rule in 24 hours. This is a great improvement Freelancer has introduced, and makes submitting and resolving disputes much faster.

         If the employer submitted an escrow or milestone payment, and you can prove that the work is completed according to the description and requirements, the site might opt for releasing that payment into your account.