You will have to ensure that you are setting a competitive price you are also comfortable to work at. He main aspect you have to look into is to be able to have a decent hourly rate. You can ensure that, if you are able to determine how long the project would take you to complete. For example if you are getting paid $50 for writing ten articles, you can do the job in two hours or five hours. If you do it in two hours, your hourly rate works out $25 minus the $5fee you pay Freelancer, which is good. But if you are completing the work in 6 hours, your rate is $45 per 6 hours, that is $7.5.

You have to check out other people’s bids, as well as their reputation. If freelancers without feedback are bidding $30, you can bid higher, however if some of the other bidders have hundreds of ten star ratings and bid low, you might not have a chance. If you are not comfortable with bidding at the lowest price, you can submit a higher amount, but you will have to rationalize it in your private message.indir - DETERMINING YOUR PRICING ON FREELANCER.COM

In some cases employers are looking for workers with a proven background. You should for example have a formal certificate, or an article writing project owner might be looking for native English freelancers. In this case the competition can be eliminated, and you can place a higher bid, if you can meet these extra requirements.