Most importing part of your business is to find your niche . This can be dogs, cats, trucks, travel photos, funny memes, interesting quotes, business quotes etc. just make sure that whatever you choose, you are extremely interested in the subject. You are going to be working with your niche every single day, so you want to make sure that it’s something that you enjoy.

Also, when thinking about your niche it is important to do a little bit of research before jumping right in. You’ll want to head over to Instagram and check out how many other pages are in the same niche as you. When looking, you want to make sure that there as at least one other page that has 1 million followers in the same general category. This is because you don’t want to pick a niche that people will not be interested in.

An example of a good niche, is trucks, and truck related posts. An example of a bad nicheJeff Wards hotshot in the rain 420x234 - FIND YOUR NICHE AREAS is ice fishing in the Yukon. As much as you may love ice fishing in the Yukon, it’s simply not something that the mass public would be interested in. Trucks on the other hand, is a niche that can be expanded upon and broken down into sub niches.

Let’s say that for your first Instagram page you decide to create a general trucks fan page. Not a bad idea. From there, once that account starts to grow, you can expand by creating other Instagram pages that focus on Ford trucks, Chevy trucks, and dare I say it Dodge trucks. The same principle can be applied within an Instagram page about dogs or puppies. Once your main page starts to pick up traction, you can then expand by creating smaller pages focusing on different types of dog breeds such as pugs, German shepherds, or whatever.

0dcec798d802fafa778b819e3c082f95 - FIND YOUR NICHE AREASThe main page, or the general niche page, is what will be bringing in the majority of traffic. The smaller sub niche pages, is what you will use to laser target your followers. Think about how much easier it would be to sell a pug T-shirt to a fan page about pugs rather than a general puppy lovers page.

So just to recap, pick a niche that you love and are interested in, but make sure it’s broad enough that you can zoom on more targeted niches. After you’ve come up with that niche, write it down on a piece of paper. Now go and do some research. Find out how many other Instagram pages are in the that same niche, and see how many followers they have. The goal is to find a niche with at least one page over 1 million followers, and to find a page that you could outperform with better quality posts.

A lot of the popular Instagram pages these days, are run by people who quite frankly don’t care about the quality of their posts. They post blurry pictures and don’t even bother to write a caption. Why? Well because they got into the game early. These types of accounts most likely started their fan pages right is Instagram was becoming increasingly popular. I’ve seen countless pages with millions of followers that post very crappy pictures.

Anybody, especially you, can do a better job. So when you find a crappy Instagram page that has over 1 million followers in the niche that you’re interested in, you should get very excited.

When choosing your Instagram niche, it’s important to have some sort of end game or end goal in mind. How are you planning to monetize your Instagram page? Are you going to create a web store? Are you going to sell shoutouts? If you’re going to sell shoutouts, how many large companies are out there that could potential be interested? Just have some sort of idea.

Most Instagram niches can be monetized in some way shape or form, it’s just a matter of discovering what your Instagram followers truly want.

The only niches that are extremely hard to monetize are celebrity fan pages and pages related to specific movies etc.06 grande - FIND YOUR NICHE AREAS

Most of the time, fan pages slowly fade away, and the followers become disinterested with the movie once it has been out for a couple of years. The only Instagram page that I’ve seen able to monetize in this type of niche was a Harry Potter fan page, and they had a web store selling replica wands for a steep price. Now although this may have been a good idea, you’ll want to choose a niche that is long term, something isn’t a fad and something that will still be around in ten years.