After you have found a project that is matching your expertise, profile, and you think you could complete it in a reasonable time, you have to place your bid. But bidding on projects has more to do with communication than giving a price and deadline.

When to bid?

If you want to place your bid as soon as the project is placed on the site, you can use the email alerts Freelancer sends you or open from menu “browse jobs -> latest project”.  You will have to carefully read the project description and the reviews of the employer. You have to give a price for the whole project, a reasonable timescale you can complete the work within, and ask for any upfront payments if possible. If it is an urgent project, you can be lucky enough to win the bidding if your profile matches the requirements.


Bidding early is very good choice, but you can also wait until the project is close to ending. Open menu “browse jobs -> ending soon”. That way you will have more chance to review the competition. If there are many bids from freelancers with high rating and loads of feedback, you will need to adjust your pricing to be below theirs, if you want to win the project. Just remember that you also have to be comfortable with the price paid, and get a reasonable hourly rate. Freelancer recently introduced a feature called: “ending soon”. When you are looking for projects to bid on, you will need to click on this link and you will find the projects finishing soonest. The least number of bids a project has, the more chances you will have. FGHGV - HOW CAN I GET MY FIRST JOB AS A FREELANCER ON FREELANCER.COM(BIDDING STRATEGIES)

How to check out the competition?

KH - HOW CAN I GET MY FIRST JOB AS A FREELANCER ON FREELANCER.COM(BIDDING STRATEGIES)     You will have to check other bidders’ profile, the number of ratings and the overall score. You might want to click on their profile to review your chances. That way you will get an idea how you can make a better offer than them. Remember, if you have no rating, your bid is going to be placed under others’, who already have feedback. Therefore you will have to give plenty of good reasons to the employer to pick you over them.

How to determine your bidding price?

Determining the price is a tricky thing on Freelancer. There are some project owners clearly stating the pricing for the project or per site/article. If you just bid at the lowest price, you still have to state your pricing in a private email, to avoid misunderstanding. Make a prediction of how long the project would take you to complete and what your hourly rate would work out. Never work at a price you are not comfortable with.

How to make sure you get selected for the project?

It is not enough to bid lowest and offer the shortest deadline for the projects. You need to ensure you are selected by the employer. A good way to do that is to send a private message to the project owner, stating why you are the best candidate to complete their work. Many people just include general information in the message, and it does not help the employer with making the choice. Your message should be confident, personalized and related to the project.

Do not only state that you are fast, cheap and very good, every other freelancer is going to say that. You can send them information about previous work -similar to theirs- you have completed, and tell them more about your background on that particular field.

You can send related sample work in your private message. But you need to take precautions, as you will never know what they are going to use it for. If you are comfortable, you can send links to your completed sites, projects, feedback on other sites, but never send them anything you have completed for other employers.  If you send a design, you should add a watermark, and if you send articles, state the copyrights in the email. Also add that you are able to create similar projects easily for the employer, too.LKLK - HOW CAN I GET MY FIRST JOB AS A FREELANCER ON FREELANCER.COM(BIDDING STRATEGIES)