Gaining Instagram Followers Strategies (Automatic)


I’d highly recommend that you purchase a bot, that can automatically like photos, comment, and follow users. I’ve used bots to grow all of my Instagram accounts, and have never been banned once from Instagram (fingers crossed.)

If you’re going to go the bot route, I must warn you that it is possible for your Instagram account to get banned if you push the limits too much. The key is to keep the bot’s settings reasonable, so that you fly under Instagram’s radar. I also believe that Instagram isn’t looking to ban accounts that are reasonably using bots to gain exposure for their account. In fact, most large pages on Instagram have used a bot at one point or another.

img wellcome - Gaining Instagram Followers Strategies (Automatic)There are many Instagram bots out there, but the only one that I’ve used is called Followliker. It works flawlessly, has constant updates, and has great customer support. I’ve never had any trouble with their services, so I’d highly recommend that if you’re going to use a bot, to use followliker.

If you want to use a different bot for whatever reason, make sure that the developer has some sort of credibility, otherwise they can simply hack and take your account. I’ve met and know a lot of large Instagram account users who use followliker, and they’ve never had a problem with hacks or account stealing. Besides, after you gain around 50k followers or so, there will be no need for you to use follow liker for that certain account, unless you are going to use the bot to automatically post pictures.

Another bonus about followliker is that you can manage multiple Instagram accounts, giving you more diversification when it comes to your niches. I want to point out that you shouldn’t run more than FIVE Instagram accounts on followliker at a given time, otherwise you may face a ban from Instagram.

To this day I am running five Instagram accounts with followliker, and have had no issues whatsoever.

In terms of settings with followliker, I keep the activity that the bot does very conservative to avoid raising red flags on Instagram. I also don’t use the “follow” and “unfollow” settings at the same time. I wait until the accounts have followed around 1500 people, and then turn off the “follow” setting, and turn on “unfollow.” I also don’t overdo it with the likes and features of the bot, instead I make all of the settings very realistic.

I could cover all of the settings I use with the program, however there is a fantastic instruction manual/tutorial that comes with the bot when you purchase it. If you’re going to invest in one thing for your Instagram journey, I’d recommend investing in followliker. It costs around $70.