Gaining Instagram Followers Strategies (Manuel)


Finally, after hunting down a username, filling your Instagram page with good quality content and captions, it’s time to begin the long process of finding followers.Lets talk about gaining instagram followers strategies

At first, you will need to reach out to people in some way shape or form. This means following people, liking their photos, commenting on their photos, getting your Instagram page out on different social media, and more! It will be the most time consuming and challenging part of your journey which is why I will make this section of the book the most detailed.

To begin this section, I want to start off by saying that it will be easier to gain followers once you already have a decent following (ten thousand people) which means that for the first bit, you’re going to be on the grind to 10k.

The fastest way and cheapest way to gain 10k followers is to start off by following people that you believe will be interested in your page. You can do this all manually, or you can use a bot, that will automatically follow people that are likely to follow your page.

First, I will explain the manual aspect of this process. If you have the time (example sitting bored in class with nothing to do) doing the following process manually will be your fastest option. In fact, if you really wanted to, you could probably gain 10k followers in a week just by manually following people.

So who do you follow?

Get MoreFollowers - Gaining Instagram Followers Strategies (Manuel)From my experience, if you are doing everything manually, the best people to follow are the ones who have recently liked a photo.

I’ll give you an example.Let’s say you’re starting a page regarding sports cars. So, in order to gain your first followers, what you should do is find another page on Instagram (preferably with over a million followers) that posts sports car related posts. The trick is to wait until that page posts a photo. Within the first hour of the photo being posted, what you’re then going to do is follow all of the people that have LIKED their new post. Follow as many of them as you can, and refresh the image constantly so that you are following LIVE users that have liked the sports car related photo within the last couple of seconds.

This is how you INSTANTLY gain followers. Because these people are live, you will be gaining followers extremely quickly.You can also follow the other Instagram account’s followers, however from my experience, following the users that have recently liked one of their photos is the most effective way.


Another great way to gain followers manually is to like photos with a particular hashtag that is directly related to your page. In the case of the car page, you could use a hashtag such as “#sportscar.” Go through and like all of the most recently posted photos, as these pictures will have likely been posted within the last couple of minutes, giving you live Instagram users as well.