How Can I Set Up Successful Instagram Profile


After you’ve secured a username that you feel is worthy of your niche, it’s time to begin (successfull instagram profile) setting up your page to look as professional as possible. Take your time when choosing a profile picture, a description, and the title of your Instagram page.

It’s a good idea to have a custom designed profile picture to match the name of your Instagram page. If you are familiar with Photoshop, you can do this quite easily using their tools. If you don’t have Photoshop, you can use pixlr, which is a free and more basic version of Photoshop.

download 1 - How Can I Set Up Successful Instagram ProfileLastly, if you have no Photoshop skills whatsoever, you can head on over to and pay somebody five bucks to design a custom logo and profile picture for your new Instagram page. If you have a really long username, it might be a good idea not to include your username in the profile photo. Look around at what your competitors are doing, take note of what profile pictures they are using and ask yourself how you can do it better. You want a profile picture that will entice people to click on your Instagram page, something bold that stands out.

If you are starting a truck page, you’ll probably want to have the most bad ass truck picture you can find as your profile picture.

When writing the title of your Instagram page, it’s important to include your keyword as the first word, just like your username. So if you are running a funny meme’s page, the title of the page should be something like: “Humor Daily.”

Finally, in the description of your Instagram page, you’ll want to write something short and simple about what your Instagram page is all about. Another good idea for your description, is to add some sort of contact information, such as an email address or a kik username. By adding your contact information, you are leaving yourself open to network with other Instagram accounts.

It is also a good idea to get a hashtag started for your Instagram account. You can do this download 2 - How Can I Set Up Successful Instagram Profileby writing in the description a little snippet that looks something like this:

“Tag #truckpostsdaily to be featured on our page!”

This lets new followers know that if they post a picture of their truck, and use that hashtag, they can be featured and promoted on your page. By doing this, you will increase exposure to your Instagram page, and will also find free content that you can use to post on your Instagram page.

Before getting followers…

Before you go out and hunt for followers, it’s important to add some content to your Instagram page, so that your page doesn’t look plain or abandoned. I’d recommend posting at least 10 photos on your page, before you go out and start following people.

You’ll want these 10 photos to be really unique and eye-catching, so take your time when looking. A great place to look for photos to post on Instagram, is Pinterest and Tumblr. Post something popular that a lot of people already like and have responded to on these other social media websites.

Think of some clever Captions to use with these first photos, and make sure that you use your hashtag with each post. People are not going to want to follow and Instagram page that has no captions, because it looks like you are just a robot automatically throwing pictures out on your Instagram page.