If you don’t want to start an Instagram account from scratch, buying an Instagram account is an option. However, you have to be EXTREMELY careful when it comes to finding an actual and legit Instagram page. I’ve bought multiple Instagram accounts over the last couple of months, and I’ve always been extremely diligent when it comes to doing the research.

To start, if you’re going to be buying an Instagram account, I’d recommend buying them over a platform that has some sort of safety or insurance behind it, such as Ebay. In fact, all of my Instagram account purchases have been done over Ebay. This is because, Ebay has a buyer protection program, to protect buyers like yourself from scammers and con artists. If you can, try to purchase Instagram accounts from friends or friends of friends. Many of my account purchases were made through someone I know in the Internet marketing realm. The more unknown the person is,the more your money is at risk.

If you’re going to buy an account, I’d recommend NOT buying an account with over 50k followers. Accounts that are over 50k followers will be extremely expensive, leaving you at more risk to scammers. Plus, people with large accounts usually know the value of their account, and probably wouldn’t be interested in selling in the first place.

How To Buy Instagram Account With Followers 1030x579 - HOW TO SAFELY BUY INSTAGRAM ACCOUNTAnother thing to watch for is fake followers and fake likes. A lot of Ebay Instagram account listings are completely fake accounts, which can leave you bummed and discouraged. These accounts purchase fake followers, likes and comments from websites like

I’d recommend buying an Instagram account in the 10k to 20k follower range. This should cost you anywhere from $50 to $300 depending on how active the users are.

When looking to purchase an Instagram account, there’s a number of things that you should check before buying, just to make sure that you aren’t buying a fake account. Here’s a list:

-The account should have over 100 posts

-Check the followers to make sure the majority have profile pictures

-Check the followers and see how many posts they have. Also make sure that they aren’t following thousands of people.

-Check for legitimate comments. Some fake accounts have fake likes with no comments.

-Check the selling history of the Ebay seller by clicking on their username. If they have any negative feedback at all, don’t do the deal.

Another thing to mention is that you should make the purchase over Ebay. A lot of the time, these eBay listers will try and do the transaction off of eBay, with direct paypal. Do NOT do this, you will lose your buyer protection, which is what the scammers want.

After Purchasing the Account:

As soon as you purchase an Instagram account off of Ebay, you should immediately change the password, email, phone number and perhaps the username if there is numbers in the username.

With every Instagram account I’ve purchased off of Ebay, I’ve always remained in the same niche, but changed the username. If the seller doesn’t even know your new username, there’s no way they could ever regain access to the account.