There is an advanced feedback system on the site that helps employers and freelancers find the best partners. You should always check out the project owner’s employer profile and rating before you accept a job, and look for disputes or low ratings. The more feedback the employer has, the better chances you have for effective communication and on time payments.

indir 3 - IMPORTANCE OF FEEDBACKS IN FREELANCER.COMAfter completing a project, you will be asked to leave a feedback. It is important that you will not get to see the employer’s rating about you until you submit a feedback. Likewise, the employer will not see your feedback until they submit theirs. This is a good feature, unique to and helps getting a real opinion instead of just answering others’ reviews of you.

The site has a 5 star feedback system at the moment. You are able to rate the employer and the project from different aspects, these are :

  • Clarity in Specification
  • Communication
  • Promptness in Payment
  • Professionalism
  • Would you work for them again?

You can also submit public and non-public comments about the project, and that is a good feature. If you have any feedback you think would be useful for other freelancers or the employer, feel free to submit them. You can also message if you have anything to share.