Are you a photographer? Is your Instagram page a photography based page? If so, stock photography is definitely something that you should look into.

Anyone that uses photos for commercial purposes needs to buy stock photos for content. This includes blogs, ebooks, websites, and even YouTube videos.

shutterstock logo - INSTAGRAM EARN METHOD 4 (STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY)Some great websites that you should look into are istockphoto, shutterstock, and fotolia. All you need to do is upload your collection of photos, tag them properly, and these websites will do all of the marketing and selling for you. You get paid in royalties each and every month. One of the reasons why I love stock photography so much is because it is passive income. Even if you go on vacation for a month, shutterstock will continue selling your portfolio of photos, paying you awesome royalties.

Instagram can be a powerful way to promote your stock photography business. If people on Instagram love your photos and want to use them in their work, you can easily make sales using stock photography.

Another option is to sell your photos as prints. There are various websites out there that allow you to upload your photos, and sell them as prints online directly to your customers. You don’t even need to touch the print, the website will ship all of your artwork directly to the customers via drop shipping.

Depending on the quality of your photos, you could potentially sell large prints of your work for $500 and more! People spend ridiculous amounts on artwork if they feel a connection with the artist.

Instagram is a fantastic way to build that connection.With products like artwork, it’s always a good idea to have an incentive behind your work. Charity is an excellent option. Let your Instagram followers know that for every print you sell, you’ll donate 20% of the profits to charity. Not only will you be helping people, you’ll also double your sales by making your product a charitable item.