Third Instagram earn method is affiliate marketing.This is the easiest method for beginners.If you have 10k or more follower you can make easily.

What are affiliate products?

instagram shoutout 176x300 - INSTAGRAM EARN METHOD 3 (AFFILIATE MARKETING)Affiliate products are simply products that you promote and get a commission on. So if you’re promoting apple laptops, and you sell 3 that cost $1000 you will make $300 if you make a 10% commission on each sale.

Affiliate products work wonderfully if the products you are promoting via Instagram are expensive. This is because you’ll make larger commissions on more expensive products.
An example of this is with a luxury fashion page. If you choose to run a luxury fashion page on Instagram, and build an audience of potential buyers  that are wealthy and are looking to spend money, you will do very well. All you would have to do is create a website that has affiliate links to expensive/luxury clothing items.

If you sell 1 ten thousand dollar Rolex watch to one of your Instagram followers, you will make a whopping $1000 from one single sale. If your page has 100k wealthy luxury followers, you could potentially make millions a year from that one affiliate website.

Obviously I’m being optimistic, but I just wanted to give you an idea how powerful affiliate marketing can be

What’s even better is that most affiliate programs have what’s called a cookie. A cookie basically means that if someone clicks on your affiliate link through Instagram, and comes back to the  website to buy the product 20 days later, you’ll still get a commission. So people have up to a month in some cases to buy the product.

To find out if a product or brand has an affiliate marketing option, scroll down to the bottom of their website and look for an affiliate area. I’d say 75% of all large companies or websites have an affiliate sign up area.

A great place to checkout is commission junction. They directly connect you with thousands of companies that offer affiliate marketing and commissions. Another fantastic source is simply Amazon. Amazon has the largest affiliate network on the internet and pays thousands of affiliates each and every month.


 I’ve seen many quotes and business pages on Instagram selling Clickbank products. Clickbank products are basically a collection of videos or ebooks that teach you how to do a certain task.

An example of a Clickbank product is “How to make 100k flipping real estate.” They’re usually video courses that you can earn a commission on.

4h83dc - INSTAGRAM EARN METHOD 3 (AFFILIATE MARKETING)Every time you make a sale, you can earn between $20 to $50 depending on how expensive the original price is.

Clickbank products work great on fitness pages, business pages, and even luxury pages. Even if you’re unsure about Clickbank, head over to their website and checkout the various products they offer. You’ll be surprised at how many courses are relatable to your niche.

If you have a puppy Instagram page, you can sell a Clickbank course teaching people how to train their new puppy via clicker training. All you need to do is leave the Clickbank link in your bio, and send people over to the course’s landing page. Every time you sell the course, you’ll make around $30.

Once you get potential customers on the landing page, the Clickbank courses take over for you. Often times, these Clickbank courses will have very convincing videos that entice people to buy their products. All you need to do is get your followers onto those landing pages.

The best part about Clickbank is that most of the courses are extremely high quality. People on Instagram will even specifically thank you for sending them to that specific course. They’re almost always packed full of information, and taught by experts and professionals.